Fri Aug 12 11:17:22 CEST 2011

Prepping for the Weekend

Today is all about the upcoming weekend. I put my shopping list next to my Petronius, so that I can jot anything down, that comes to mind. On sunday ette is coming for a visit and we are going to do some super-secret knitting-stuff. To be precise we are going to do two different super-secret knitting-stuff things. And one of them is going to involve "Rainbow".

Maybe we are going to do some dyeing, since ette may want to try that and osti will be gone to France :( by then and therefore won't complain :)

Mostly I hope until then I have the main part of "Big Blue" done. That is because it has steeks and my very first ones. I may need ette to hold my hand and mop my brow while cutting those. *scribbling down "white wine" on my shopping list.* We may need that. (Or would you prefer eggnog, ette?) You'll get a full report by next week.

Hopefully I'll get some of the odds and ends on those nearly done projects from my last post finished. Seeing them written down motivated me to finish them and getting them off my queue. Also I discovered some additional half-forgotten projects and that list is about to become even longer:
  • Another thrummed project: mittens in black for a friend of ette. For those I have a decent excuse: the color of the thrums has not been decided definitely by the recipient (ette: that is an not so subtle reminder to get that data)
  • A pair of fingerless gloves in orange with red beads. Number one is about two thirds done, but I seem to have lost interest the moment it stopped being so fricking cold in spring.
  • The first square of a double-knit blanket with colorwork. I'm starting to think it may take that one years and years to get finished.

Now I think I need an agenda for those odds and ends. Hmm. Thats very ette of me :)
  1. knitting on "Blue Beast" till I'm getting to the point of cutting the steeks
  2. new feet for "Cuddly and Sweet"
  3. finishing "Quack" and weaving in the ends
  4. starting the sewing part of "Rainbow"
  5. finally elongating the striped cotton sweater

Hmm, that looks like an weekend heavy on knitting :) And I'm thinking along the lines of two kinds of cookies and visiting my parents, before osti is off to France. I can picture how that ends: Next week we are going to see eachother again and I'm going to have the exact same agenda :/

And now I'm going back to my books before someone (*glaring in a very specific direction*) is going to scold me. I better add chocolate to my shopping list...

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