Fr 12. Aug 13:21:47 CEST 2011

Prepping for the weekend II

Lizzies post inspired me to blog about the upcoming weekend too. Of course I already made various lists, no need to say how very ette that is of me. Because, you know, I'm me... :D But I rather enjoyed that comment, lizzie!

I'm gonna drive to my parents tomorrow and stay there till Tuesday, sneaking in a day at lizzie's. Today's the day of getting ready and getting things in order, the actual packing will start tomorrow morning.

I finished the skull stocking knitting project on Wednesday and as soon as dear osti explained to me how to upload pictures here, I'll post about it. (Waving whole fences at osti :D) Before I block it I really need to decide if I want to repair the little error in it or not. As I'm very unsure about that, I'll take them to lizzie who also will help me block them. I never done that before and can use some help.

Next knitting project in line is the supersecret one. This whole project is upsetting and exciting and I will explain everything about it when it's delivered. I really want a second pair of eyes from a fellow awesome knitter (Hello Sweetie! *waves to lizzie*) on that one. In the meantime I'm knitting a pair of striped socks.

This weekend will be dedicated to family, knitting and reading. I plan on packing a bunch of books and get through some while MalTea is on vacation, trying to take the lead on the challenge we have going on on twitter.

So far so good. That's the list for today:

  • getting my laptop ready to take it with me
  • gather things for supersecret knitting project
  • spend an hour or two organising my storage attic
  • deal with the stack of papers on my desk

Btw lizzie: We already settled on the color of the thrums! Months ago I told you she wanted them all... I'm really sure about that. Nevermind: Multi-coloured, she wants multicolored, you can start now :D

And... I'll be bringing cherry liqueur. First because we both gonna need it with "Big Blue" and the supersecret knitting project, second because I have it, third because it tastes good, fourthly because elderly ladies drink liqueur, gossip and knit and we'll be doing exactly that. I'd bring a gray-haired wig with short curls if I only had one! :D And last but not least because I like the German saying "Denn wer Sorgen hat, hat auch Likör." which translates to "If you have worries, you have liqueur, too.". It's nice to sit down with a friend and drink a glass or two when everything's gray. Not that everything's gray in the moment... And I don't recommend that as the only problem solving method. As lizzie stated nicely not long ago, I live in a town where this kind of problem solving is the cause for most problems :D

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