Sun Aug 7 19:24:28 CEST 2011

Full Disclosure

As I am starting this blog, I think I have to start with a full recap of my ongoing knitting projects. But this is getting rather difficult, because my most active projects are all those I can't disclose of just yet. They are going to be presents. I'll have to fill them in, as I give them away. Now here is my rather embarrassingly long list, that proves my short attention span (concerning knitting projects):
  • code name "Blue Beast". Yesterday I got out my food colouring and dyed the second batch of blue wool with a bit of green. I'm really hoping that those 500g in total will be enough because osti won't stop complaining about the smell of hot wool and vinegar. Knitwise I'm approximately at the halfway point.
  • code name "Cuddly and Sweet". Something cute and funny for my nephew to-be-born. Following the pattern I ended up with ridiculously large feet. I have to get around to fixing that, but Blue Beast's recipient's birthday is coming up.
  • code name "Quack". This is funny and for very little feet and just needs a few last stitches and the ends woven in.
  • code name "Wraparound". My first serious attempt at developing a pattern and again for my nephew. (I know. It's getting ridiculous.)
  • a cute little sweater in cotton for my niece. I had it finished, but in trying it on, my sister and I decided it needs a little more body length
  • code name "Rainbow". I'm not going to say anything at all. This one will be a really big surprise.
  • one pair of Argyle-Socks. I was halfway through the first pattern, when I realised the intended recipient won't appreciate it at all or even be happy about it. So now I'm one present short for the upcoming birthdays and the Argyles have to do some meditating at the bottom of my knitting basket.
  • code name "Very blue". There is nothing I can say. Any details at all and the recipient will catch on.
  • a little blue jacket, that my sis started. She discovered that she doesn't find any knitting time at all, so I'm finishing that. We are faking it following a purchased jacket, which in itself is posing several problems. Then there is the yarn: a gorgeous deep blue Merino-Alpaka-Nylon blend, but clingy as hell.
  • One half knit sock in red with thrums in different yellows. I was too damn stupid when I knit those for my mothers birthday and started the second one on smaller needles. They turned out widely too small. But since my mother reported that her pair got bigger in wearing them, they may have a future there.
  • one pair of a knitty-sock pattern, that I can't remember right now, in foggy green. The first one is nearly finished.
  • two Laminarias, again knitty pattern. The first one is a really beautiful Merino in shocking blue. It only needs about three rows but I'm out of yarn and I really have to buy more. The other is not very far along and forest green.
  • code name "Pick a Side" a sweater for my niece that's only one half of an arm right now.

I think that is it. You're going to see hopefully everyone of them again as I finish them or, in case of the secret ones, as I give them away.

Now I have to start cooking because we are starving and tonight it's meatloaf.

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