Sa 20. Aug 14:31:39 CEST 2011

Last weekend and this weekend

I forgot to write about last weekend which was really nice. Lizzie and I talked the supersecret knitting project through and made a plan. Tomorrow we meet again and start phase 2. That is if I finish phase 1a today and 1b tomorrow. That's why I'm knitting like crazy right now...

There has been other stuff last weekend: I spent some quality time with my family, including my cute and headstrong niece of two and a half. She even called me afterwards to tell me she had olives which she just loves. Strange taste for a little girl but I find that very endearing! I only didn't see one of my sisters but she'll hopefully come to visit at my father's birthday so I'll see her soon.

Back to knitting... That's what lizzie and I did mostly while I was at hers... I made some progress on the striped socks, but we didn't have the time to block the skulls socks.

When I came back home I found a postcard from MalTea from Paris! Very nice! And some bills and the slip of paper that allows me to vote in the upcoming election.

And after this quick update, I get back to knitting...

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