Mon Apr 2 10:39:45 CEST 2012


Hi there. I'm really annoyed. I have three projects in my current knitting rotation (I do have lots and lots more on the needles, but those are the ones I've knit on in the last week or so) and all three hit a snag over the weekend.

First of all I finished up a secret project for my mothers birthday and the nagging feeling I had the whole time proved to be well founded. After Bind-off I couldn't ignore any longer that it's totally too small. Luckily the deadline is not until July, so I do have time to fix this and I have already an idea how to do that. When I see ette at easter I will bounce that off her.

Then there is this cute little cardigan for my nephew. The problem there: I'm out of yarn, and it still needs a buttonband. Sadly I got the yarn on sale, because it was the last. It seems to be in the process of being discontinued. I'm trying to score a final ball in various yarn shops. Otherwise I need to find a similar yarn and all that before my nephew grows :/

Finally, I started knittys Carousel which went really well, except for a minor sizing issue. Turns out by following the pattern I don't knit it for me, but for my mother, who has significantly smaller feet than me. That is totally fine with me. (I really like knitting socks, but sadly I don't really like wearing them. I have constantly warm feet and also being to warm tends make my fuse grow shorter by the minute. According to my mother that was already true, when I was a baby) For some whacked out reason I miscounted, when joining the second sock. I finally noticed something was off, when the color shift didn't match at the ankle. Damn!

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